Wednesday, December 16, 2009

OIM910 - Extend User Profile

OIM910 - Extend User Profile

It is obviously, you would need to extend user profile from time to time, so here is the steps to do it:

1) Define new field by using "User Defined Field Definition" in Design Console.
Label Variant Type Length Column Name Order Field Type Propperties
Users.Suspension boolean 1 USR_UDF_SUSPENSION 22 CheckBox FALSE

2) Define lookup definition for new field
Code Field Lookup Type Group

Code Key Decode
Account Suspension Account Suspension

3) Add new entry in
global.label.accountsuspension=Account Suspension

4) Add new Attributes in FormMetaData.xml
<!-- List of attributes that can be displayed in the "User" Form -->
<Attribute name="-53" label="global.label.accountsuspension" displayComponentType="CheckBox" dataLength="1" map="Users.UDF.SUSPENSION" />

<!-- Fields that will be displayed on "user" form -->
<AttributeReference editable="true" optional="true"> -53</AttributeReference>

Restart OIM Server, You'lll see the newly added field "Account Suspension"

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