Friday, November 6, 2009


Adatpers can be classified as below:

  • Process Task
  • Rule Generator
  • Pre-populate Rule Generator
  • Entity
  • Task Assignment

To enable the adapter to automate a process task, select Process Task (T)
To incorporate business rules into an Oracle Identity Manager or user-defined form field, select Rule Generator (R)
example, for the User ID field of a form, you can configure Oracle Identity Manager to concatenate the initial letter of the user's first name with the user's last name.

You can attach a type of rule generator adapter to a user-created form field, so that it can:

◦Display the data, which is generated by the adapter, automatically or manually.

◦Use criteria that enable Oracle Identity Manager to determine which adapter is applied to the designated form field.

To attach the adapter to an Oracle Identity Manager or user-defined form field, and have Oracle Identity Manager trigger the adapter on preinsert, preupdate, predelete, postinsert, postupdate, or postdelete, select Entity (E).

To allow the adapter to automate the allocation of a process task to a user or group, select Task Assignment (A).

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