Thursday, November 5, 2009

Resource Object Process and Forms

A Resource Object defines a resource in Identity Management System, and each resource object has several process associated with it, and one of the process is configured to be the default process for that resource object, moreover, a process can be associate with a from which helps process to collect data that will be used by the process tasks of that process.

Resource Object

Resource object definitions are templates for provisioning the resource. However, the approval and provisioning of the resource depends on the design of the approval and provisioning processes that you link to the resource object.


A process is the mechanism for representing a logical workflow for approvals or provisioning in Oracle Identity Manager. Process definitions consist of tasks. Process tasks represent the steps that you must complete to fulfill the purpose of a process.
In an approval process, the tasks can represent individual approvals that are required for an action to take place.

In a provisioning process, tasks are used to enable a user or organization to access the target resource.

From is the object that collects user inputs and make the inputs available to the process that the form is associated with.

Child From
We have already known that froms is meant to be associated with process, and the data that from collects will be available to the process tasks within that process.
For example, AD User From(UD_ADUSER) has a child form AD User Group Details(UD_ADUSRC). AD User Form is used to provision AD resource to OIM user, and AD User Group Detail form is used to assign AD user to specific AD group object as a member, thus there are actually two froms are associated with AD User process which is the default process for resource object AD User, then now the question is how the process tasks behaves after we submit AD User form with data filled in its child form AD User Group Detail from (where we select group from AD User). Once we submit that form to provision a AD account, all the unconditional tasks will be triggered to run, as well as the process tasks which has its child table attribute set to UD_USRC and trigge type to "insert" will be triggered to run also, for example the "Create User" process task which is unconditional, so it will be triggered to run, as well as process task "Add User To Group" will be triggered to run also, as is child table trigger type is "insert".

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