Thursday, November 12, 2009

How OIM profile update trigger works.

How OIM profile update trigger works.

As you know the trigger lookup code is Lookup.USR_PROCESS_TRIGGERS ,
and a series of OIM USER attributes and process name mappings are
stored in this lookup code.

For Example,
We have a mapping as shown below:
USR_UDF_GROUP ---> Change User Group

so we have an user defined field "group" for OIM profile.

we aleady add process task "Change User Group" to AD User Process as
a conditional task.

we have created an adapter task, say getUserGroup, this adapter task
simple grab user group information from OIM profile (user definition data),

attribute: userGroup

then what we do is to add this adapter to process task "Change User Group",
map attribute userGroup to user definition data "group", and map the adapter
return value to process data attribute "organization name".

As a result, once user changes his/her OIM profile attribute "group", process task
"Change User Group" will be triggered to run, after that, process task
"Organization Name Updated" runs afterward.

Summary: we use "Change User Group" task to convert user definition data "group" to
process data "Organization name", since we updated attribute "group" of OIM profile,
its mapped attribute "Organization name" will be triggered to run, as a result, AD user's
organization name will be updated.

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